Uncommon Threads

Natalia Forrest

Brompton, United Kingdom


Photobiblio is the husband and wife team of photographer Stephen and book artist Natalia Forrest. Together they make limited edition books in short runs (often twelve or less). Bound/Rebound is a play on the idea of a book being bound, and what other forms of binding can be found or made. It juxtaposes images of everyday things that incorporate fastening or binding – flags tied to flagpoles, cycling shoes, etc. – with images of techniques from kinbaku and shibari. This results in an unsettling re-interpretation of mundane items. The images are further embellished by one from each pair being ‘embroidered’ with red silk thread (though it is not apparent in the black and white images, the rope used in the nude photographs was red hemp).  The book deliberately avoids the use of text, allowing the reader/viewer to interpret the images however they wish.

Covered with lizard pattern book cloth (in red or black) and containing a concertinaed black and white giclee watercolour print embellished with red silk thread. Inside the back of each book is an in-built portfolio containing signed and numbered limited edition C-Type prints of images from the book. The casing, portfolio and pattern of the embellishment are different with each book. Closed: 6 x 8.25 inches. Opens to 58 inches wide. 2011. Edition of 12.


To purchase, please contact Laura at 23 Sandy Gallery.